Alvanon patternmakers use proprietary processes to develop AlvaBlocks. The final output consists of physical blocks and digital CAD files that are compatible with the most commonly used systems, including Gerber, Lectra and others.

Alvanon technical fit experts spent three years developing and perfecting the AlvaBlock development process, which takes into account body shape, measurements, posture and movement. Our accurate blocks can be used by any patternmaker as the starting point to develop style patterns. The entire AlvaBlock development process is done in-house within our development center.



Step 1: Extract and apply body measurements

Using our Direct Measurement Theory, we extract more than 80 points of measure from the 3D virtual body.  (This is the same virtual body used to create the AlvaForm.)  We apply the measurements within our AlvaBlock program to derive starting block patterns.


Step 2: Develop AlvaBlock samples

We produce physical AlvaBlock samples for testing at our facility.  The AlvaBlock is fitted on the AlvaForm by our consultants.   Small adjustments may be made for shape and posture differences.


Step 3: Produce AlvaBlock keep sample and plot paper pattern

After our consultants approve the AlvaBlock, we then produce a keep sample and a plotted pattern.


Step 4: Document AlvaBlock specifications and QC AlvaBlocks

We document all technical specifications and take pictures of the AlvaBlock on the AlvaForm.  We also go through the pattern files carefully once more to ensure that there are no errors.


Step 5: Apply garment grade  (Optional)

If required, garment grades are applied to the AlvaBlock pattern according to the Body Grades developed for your custom AlvaForm.  The grade is then thoroughly tested by our consultants.


Step 6: Roll out and training

AlvaBlock deliverables are packaged and shipped to you. Alvanon then recommends that your sourcing offices and vendors purchaseAlvaBlocks from our website. Our consultants are also available for
onsite or internet based training with you and your vendors.