Every year since the early 90s, Dr. Wang incubated special projects in his company to promote creative thinking. Employees were tasked to find specific niche projects that could be turned into working prototypes that advance the apparel industry.

As a company, we are always looking for better ways to do things and bring to market initiatives, pioneering technologies and sustainable innovations aimed at transforming the fashion industry.

Alvanon Body Platform

Alvanon Body Platform is the central database of virtual bodies created by Alvanon. It is the starting point for your 3D journey.

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Alvanon Fit Studio London

This studio provides a space for designers and businesses to come and use a selection of our full form mannequins for their fit sessions.

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Fashion Disrupted

At Fashion Disrupted, Alvanon experts and fashion industry leaders will explore the challenges and threats facing the industry today and present key insights, opportunities and strategies for future growth and success.

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Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC)

Alvanon in partnership with Jenny Liu, have opened The Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC)

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