Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI) is an investment fund that offers matching financial grants to select New York city fashion manufacturing businesses. With Alvanon and the CFDA+FMI’s shared interest in investing in the manufacturing arts of the fashion industry, on May 22, 2014, industry professionals gathered on the campus of the Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT) to learn more on Best Practices for Executing Fit From the Manufacturing Perspective led by Executive Director Don Howard. Designers, pattern makers and technical experts chimed in as they understood best practices, and how to tailor them to their company thus promoting efficiency throughout their supply chains.


In describing the CFDA’s partnering with Alvanon, CEO Steven Kolb noted, “We are a member organization comprising American fashion designers. We promote initiatives that are important to them, and manufacturing is at the forefront. Alvanon’s support of the FMI program is essential, as this is an industry initiative that includes designers, production facilities and vendors of the equipment they utilize.”