Alvanon has developed the world’s most advanced technical sizing and fit tools to help our clients ensure accurate and consistent apparel product execution. One of the most essential industry tools is the dress form. Our AlvaForm professional dress forms and body forms are designed as the ultimate tool to address your technical fitting needs. As technology advances into virtual 3D development, our supplementary Virtual AlvaForm body form enhances the design and virtualization process in a seamless transition from 3D rendering to physical assessment. The results of utilizing our AlvaForm suite of tools is improved speed to market and an optimized fit approval process.


AlvaForm is the industry recommended choice for professional dress forms and body forms at the world’s largest fashion brands, retailers and apparel manufacturers. It is created with the expert understanding of human anatomy and designed with realistic physical characteristics derived from relevant consumer data that most accurately represent your customers. We are able to combine research and technology with the expert knowledge of pattern construction in order to provide the industry with the most accurately shaped and proportioned body forms as a standard tool for fit consistency.

AlvaForm dress forms provide apparel brands and retailers an efficient method of streamlining communication between design studios, sample rooms, sourcing offices and factories, to ensure accurate and consistent product execution anywhere in the world. Our professional dress forms are also widely popular for the needs of small designers and academic institutions. AlvaForm body forms are designed with your target strategy in mind. We offer an extensive selection of professional dress forms, available in various size categories, regions, and industries. We even offer fully customized dress forms, depending on your needs.

Learn More About our Selection of AlvaForm Dress Forms and Body Forms:

AlvaForm Key Features:

  1. Accurately shaped and proportioned physical characteristics derived from relevant consumer data
  2. Made with the highest quality, industrial grade materials and equipped with full functionality for fit evaluation
  3. Comprehensive ability to acquire, analyze and modify body scan data for custom development
  4. Extensive selection of size categories, for different regions and industries based on population analysis
  5. Increase speed to marketing by reducing sampling & development time
  6. Capability to scale production and retain product accuracy, consistency and quality

How We Make Our AlvaForms


Virtual AlvaForms ensure consistency in fit and sizing at every level of the design, development, production and quality process. When used in conjunction with the physical AlvaForm dress forms, the Virtual AlvaForm enables garment designers and technologists to create, develop, fit and share their designs on avatars that are an accurate match to their brand’s target consumer population. Garment designs are fitted on the Virtual AlvaForms, manipulated and edited in the 3D design environments, and shared across the supply chain to ensure everyone has the same fit intentions and information before fitting actual physical samples.

Virtual AlvaForm Key Features:

  1. Texture map 2D patterns onto the Virtual AlvaForm
  2. Enable accurate fit standards across the supply chain
  3. Accelerate design to market process
  4. Eliminate costs from physical fittings and sampling in the early stages
  5. Exact replica of the physical AlvaForm
  6. Compatible with most 3D garment simulation systems

Sample Garment Simulation:


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