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Education is a key factor to any organization’s future success. Elevating your team with professional development is one of the most crucial advantages that a company can invest towards and integrate with their business strategy, retain employees and integrate isolated departments with a unified direction.

Where can your company elevate?

Alvanon’s Professional Development Series (PDS) is a unique fashion apparel industry training workshop designed to update the knowledge, skill sets, and proficiencies of the creative and technical professionals in an organization. Through a series of training workshops and seminars, the Professional Development Series will equip all levels of its professional fashion team with an invaluable education in the current global ‘best practice’ techniques and the existing market perspectives. Explained in either layman’s or technical terms, Alvanon’s PDS industry training program will provide an in-depth look at the key concepts, components, tools and processes needed to improve a company’s efficiency and speed to market.

Along with providing extraordinary advisory service, Alvanon’s Professional Development team of experts will also provide training guides to help align an organization’s internal business development, and enhance communication and efficiencies between the client organization and its supply base.


  1. Technical Design
  2. Product Development
  3. Merchandising / Design / Buyers
  4. Marketing
  5. Sourcing
  6. Quality / Production

Alvanon’s PDS apparel industry training program is organized into focused manageable ‘modules.’ Each module is designed to provide the audience with vital information and world-class insight intended to enrich the audience with the knowledge to do their jobs better. Listed below are descriptions of Alvanon’s PDS modules and available courses.

The introduction course of Alvanon’s PDS fashion apparel industry training program covers the basic, fundamental information on why fit and fit consistency is important, what a “standard of fit” is, and how to develop an effective one. This module will also include the basic information on developing a size chart, body measurements versus garment measurements and an overview of the required tools to execute consistency in fit from design through the supply chain.


0.1 Apparel Fit – The Basics

There are two core PDS modules that have been specifically developed as the foundation for all subsequent modules and are highly recommended as the starting point for any organization that already has a technical design function or established internal fit standards. They are delivered in sequence and cover the primary components and objectives of fit and address common challenges that cross functional teams face when creating and developing product on a day to day basis.


1.1 Product Fit “A Technical Perspective”

1.2 Key Internal Fit Process

After the core modules have been completed, subsequent advanced professional development courses provide more specific subject focus depending on your particular business model and choice of desired apparel industry training curriculum. These advanced courses are tailored toward individual organizational needs that could include specific business objectives, current strategic initiatives, and overall internal professional development goals. Courses in this series are formatted as interactive, classroom-style sessions with a presentation, discussion, and Q&A.


2.1  Elements of Blocks
2.2 Garment Grade Development
2.3 Fit Marketing Communication
2.4 Metrics for Measuring fit Feedback “What is Your Customer Trying to tell You?”
2.5 Fit Communication for Design and Merchandising
2.6 Effective Fit Collaboration: Getting to Approval Faster
2.7 How to Use the Fit Form: A Key Tool Apparel Fit Development and Execution
2.8 Vendor Partnerships / Getting to Approval Together
2.9 Effective Fitting: Best Practices for Success 2.10 Elements of Apparel Costing

In this category of professional development modules, we explore the structure and challenges of specialty markets, new technological advancements, and market expansion, where we identify potential opportunities for your business within these areas of apparel industry training. Courses in this series are formatted as interactive, classroom-style sessions with a presentation, discussion, and Q&A.


3.1 Childrenswear
3.2 Petite
3.3 Plus
3.4 3D Vertical Product Development
3.5 Regional & Global Expansion
3.6 Principles of Market Coverage for an Ethnically Diverse Demographic

Download our course catalog to view individual course descriptions.

Alvanon’s team of experts continuously research advanced strategies and practices that have been proven to enhance an organization’s level of success. We have constructed a solid foundation of courses in our Professional Development Series and evaluate the contents of each course in an on-going basis to ensure effective up to date industry advancements are applied. We will also continue to expand our coursework into other areas of specialty, technical development and market perspective. If there are specialized areas of interest that we have not currently listed, please contact our team and tell us more about your specifc needs or goals.

Alvanon experts speak globally to industry professionals. See to our events calendar to learn more about upcoming presentation topics and details.


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