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The traditional apparel product development process is quickly becoming a liability in today’s world of consumer empowerment and choice. Retailers are finding that customers gravitate towards stores, sites and apps that frequently launch new, fresh, “of the moment” products.

Speed to market has become one of the top priorities for nearly every apparel brand and retail organization. Alvanon’s expert management consultants help retailers and brands revamp internal apparel product development processes to establish solutions that improve product quality, increase speed to market and optimize cost-efficiency.

Alvanon Clients to date have:

Is it time to reinvent your apparel product development process?

Seasonal apparel product development calendars are typically 14 to 20 months or longer. The average retailer might go through six or more sample iterations of any given style before it actually approves it for production. Traditional apparel product development calendars are increasingly misaligned with what consumers want, and retailers are often forced to apply markdowns on new products as soon as they hit the sales floor.

To better engage customers, retailers need to target consumers with the right product at the right time. Brands can no longer rely on having two big seasons a year that traditional product development calendars provide. Whether it’s the success of fast- fashion brands like Zara or the ’See Now, Buy Now’ movement sweeping the luxury segment, traditional retail is threatened and slowly responding. This is why speed really matters.

Real speed to market is complex and requires strategic, structural and cultural change. Retailers and brands can radically and methodically reinvent their apparel product development process to remain relevant, survive, and thrive in the new retail landscape.

There are many tactical ways to get better, faster, smarter! Successfully reinventing your apparel product development process will result in sustainably faster product development solutions and greater competitive advantage.

Alvanon’s Core Product Development Solutions

Alvanon’s product development solutions are based on our client’s custom needs. With a detailed product process assessment, our expert team identifies areas of opportunity to improve production quality, speed to market and cost reduction that align with our client’s business goals. Below are some key services that can optimize virtually any retailers’ or brand’s product development strategy.

Apparel Sizing and Fit Solutions

Alvanon offers a unique 360-degree approach, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative product development solutions formulated through expert business practices, to satisfy a client’s custom needs. Learn more about our Apparel Sizing and Fit Solutions.


Garment Grade Validation/Body Growth Analysis

First, we review and validate existing product grade rule guidelines for tops and bottoms based on detailed analysis of how bodies change over the full size range in a brand’s target demographic. Then, we develop body growth charts of body measurements at each size and optimize garment grade rules to improve apparel fit at every size, while maintaining design intent.

Block Assessment / Development

In our block assessment, we conduct on-site evaluations of inventory and review, assess and provide feedback on current existing blocks for each category. Our apparel product development recommendations include the optimum Block Library structure and content, including best practices for assessing seasonal block requirements and for implementing a successful block program.

Market Expansion & Specialty Product Strategies

Alvanon’s extensive expertise in global consumer analysis can help an organization with its product growth. Whether a brand is looking to sell products to a new target market in a different region or produce a new line of specialty products in Plus or Petite size categories, our global product development solutions can help develop untapped opportunities. We assess a client’s unique challenges, establish a technical apparel product development strategy, and provide key go-to- market strategy considerations that include communications and that market fit for e-commerce success.

New Technology Integration / Practices

Implementing a new technology platform doesn’t come without challenges. Alvanon consultants offer clients 3D design solutions that help pattern makers and designers create virtual designs that can be tweaked down to the smallest details before a physical sample ever touches the floor. With a thorough analysis of a client’s current apparel product development process, Alvanon can recommend the technology that best fits a company’s goal to optimize profitability and achieve their growth objectives.



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