Cotton Incorporated survey shows demand for denim  

Results from a recent survey by Cotton Incorporated, a research and marketing company representing U.S. upland cotton, and funded by U.S. cotton growers and importers of cotton has shown some positive signs for retail, apparel retail and comfortable clothing. Specifically, the data from a recent survey showed a 16-percentage point jump in those reporting that they are currently spending the same amount or planning to spend more on clothing compared to their pre- pandemic spending levels.

Kim Kitchings, senior vice-president consumer marketing of Cotton Incorporated, said, “Looking forward, as many consumers re-enter the workforce and resume social gatherings, the top items on their lists are denim jeans (31%), t-shirts (30%) and athleisure (29%).” Kitchings discussed how consumers are seeing denim as a dress-up item in today’s wardrobe. Cotton Incorporated has reported that average fabric weights have declined overall for the past few years, which has made clothing less durable. Today’s consumer, however, is looking for clothing that is more durable and long-lasting, which bodes well for denim apparel. Kitchings notes, however, that there has been a very recent uptick in fabric weights.

America’s love for denim 

Denim’s durable, affordable and fashionable characteristics have made it a long-loved favorite for the U.S and global markets. Levi Strauss obtained the U.S. patent for putting rivets in men’s work pants in 1873, making them more durable. This process was essentially the birth of blue jeans and since that time they have morphed into a myriad of styles reflective of the times.