ICAC International Seminar 2017

DATE: September 18th, 2017
Location: Taipei, Taiwan


This will mark the 6th ICAC international seminar to be held in Taipei City. This is a gathering of international cotton and textile industry related professionals and experts, etc. to get on top of the key development trends and find cooperative opportunities within cotton and textile value chain.

In recent years, the global economic recovery is slow, the textile industries across countries are facing intense challenges, while it also leads to positive thinking about using intelligence and automation to enhance competitiveness.  The global cotton consumption showed a slow rise in the trend. The competition comes from man-made fibers, which was attributed to changes in lifestyle and sports & casual apparel market growth and more applications of man-made fiber, results in the downward trend of cotton consumption.  In order to make our industry to catch up with the trend of the new industrial revolution, to seize the new business opportunities created by the IoT and big data, also to expand the innovative combination of different materials such as cotton and man-made fiber, the theme of this year’s seminar is “Market Trends and sustainability of Cotton & Textile Industry.”


10:40 – 12:30 Session I : Intelligentization and Digitalization of Textile Industry

From Solution Provider’s Perspective

Featured Speaker: Ed Gribbin, Alvanon President


Ed Gribbin

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