Our Initiatives

Alvanon Fit Studio

Our Central London office is home to the Alvanon Fit Studio. This provides a space for designers and businesses to come and use a selection of our full form mannequins for their fit sessions. We have a wide range of Childrens, Womens, Intimate and Mens full forms sizes available.

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Designs by Vivienne Austin | Ben Moore Photography

To book a 3 hour session with full use of all the forms in the Alvanon Studio visit  www.alvanonstudio.simplybook.me


AlvaKids, an ingenious new mobile phone application and online widget, takes the guesswork out of buying the right size garment to fit UK children from newborn to pre teens. The new AlvaKids app and widget means parents, family and friends can shop for young children’s clothing, anytime and anywhere, confident in the knowledge they are buying the right size even when they are not accompanied by their children.

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The app can be downloaded at www.alvakids.com

Online retail partners include:



AlvaPhoto speaks in a universal language through visualization. Digital imagery saves you time and money providing quicker response times, fewer wrong samples and better quality control. With product development and production increasingly moving overseas, it has become increasingly difficult to communicate effectively. AlvaPhoto, the next step in our circle of solutions, provides a unique platform and communication standard that cuts through the limitations of language.


Utilizing AlvaPhoto simplifies a critical step in the supply chain and allows you to:

  • Replace flat photos on spec sheets with 3D pictures that indicate intended fit and look of garment
  • Send sample photos to brand for approval before sending actual garment, saving valuable time and additional costs
  • Discuss product alterations on the picture, instead of describing changes via e-mail
  • Provide quality control with images of the final approved product fitted to the AlvaForm mannequin
  • Create a database of styles using standardized AlvaPhoto images for future reference