Hands-On Peer Workshops
May 15-17, 2018

@ 20 Eastbourne Terrace W2 6LG (TOG 1st floor)
Rate: 3hr worshop / £125+VAT

Alvanon’s half-day peer workshops will offer a forum to strike up these conversations in a series of tactical hands-on workshops. The workshops are limited to 25 participants, to afford opportunity for those exchanges to happen and will be facilitated by Alvanon Sr. Consultants Emily Robertson Hood and Tracy Rickert. A typical workshop will:

_ Provide Alvanon insight into best practices on tactical topics
_ Give participants an opportunity to share their specific challenges
_ Allow time to network with peers in a neutral Central London location

MAY 15 pm

1_ Which Test? Fit, Performance or Wearer

– Definitions and differences
– Defining objectives
– Choosing wearers
– How to conduct tests
– How to gather actionable results
– Flowing results into production

MAY 17 am

4_ When Every Minute in the Fitting Room Count:
Speed to market Skills

– Preparing for the fit session
– Fitting for functionality
– Achieving consistent results
– Creating and environment for open feedback

MAY 16 am

2_ Fitting the Global Market: Asia Conversion Techniques

– What this means to SKU’s
– Is ‘size down’ enough?
– Body differences between Asian & South Asia markets
(China, Japan, India)
– Quantifying body girth and stature differences

MAY 17 pm

5_ The road to ROI: Improving the Customer Fit Experience

– Why are customers unhappy?
– Building brand loyalty, is this still possible?
– What causes product returns and how to reduce them
– Does truth and accuracy matter?

MAY 16 pm

3_ Working Digital – What Does This Mean for You?

– 3D and digital – what’s the difference?
– The most effective ways to ‘go digital’
– Choosing 3D software, what are the considerations?
– Beyond Software – other considerations
– E-comm. Optimization – improving how we communicate to Customers


Simon Fernandes