Fashion retailer Marks & Spencer is launching a new range of women’s jeans designed to offer a better fit by focusing on shape rather than size.


The Body Shape Denim range offers three variations: Eva, aimed at “pear-shaped” women with a small waist and curvy hips; Marilyn, for “hourglass” figures with a defined waist and shapely legs; and Lana, with a fuller waist and slim hip.


The range was designed using the body scan measurements of more than 10,000 UK women, supplied from the global database of more 200,000 female consumers owned by apparel sizing specialist Alvanon.


The styles have been determined by analysing variations in waist to hip ratio, measuring women’s waists at their narrowest point and their hips at their widest, then subtracting waist from hip to determine the best style for each individual.


“As the most worn items of clothing in the world, it is important that denim jeans offer our customer the most comfortable and flattering fit possible,” said Karl Knight, head of innovation and quality at M&S.


“In order to achieve this, we have been working with internationally renowned body scanning technology to ensure that the measurements of our Body Shape Denim styles are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes.”


Priced at GBP25 (US$39) a pair and available in a straight leg, indigo wash, sizes 8-22 with three leg length options, the jeans go on sale on 5 September.


M&S is working with Alvanon to offer a consumer body shape scan service to support the launch, with the company’s AlvaScan radio wave scanner beginning a four-week, nationwide tour on 5 September.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Just Style