AAPN Annual Conference 2017

Carolyn Son
Apr 12, 2017

Date: May 7-9th

Location: Aventura, Florida

​This happens all the time ….  brands have for years collaborated on issues they had in common; topical business challenges – sustainability, social programs, supply chains, innovations and more. This work benefited them both BEFORE they started slugging it out in the market. Well, guess what, we have been doing that for decades, not as brands but as the entire 30 plus link supply chain, every leader in every link, for DECADES. 2017 is AAPN’s 36th year of meeting. We’ll start where we left off in 2016 – marketing, branding, threats and opportunities.

​Attend – join a strategy session built on trust and networking for decades, before you go back to slugging it out…..there.

Featured Speaker: Ed Gribbin, President | Alvanon

Topic: ​​Fashion Disrupted: How Technology, Innovation, Consumers and Politics are changing the future of fashion


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