Alvanon x ShopTalk

Monday — March 19, 2018

Product and Merchandising Strategies

Moderated by Alvanon’s CEO, Janice Wang:

Innovations in Product Development

Build a common language around sustainable practices for your designers and project
managers. In our training course, we cover the broad aspects of sustainability and then
customize the content to focus in on the specific issues driving strategies in apparel.
Our workshop is a full-day agenda that includes presentation lectures as well as interactive
and practical work sessions. The content is designed to introduce a sustainability lexicon
and key concepts to a broad audience and to communicate the company’s agenda.


Leading retailers and branded manufacturers are taking a variety of new approaches to product development: They are employing tactics such as using data to inform product design, creating computer-generated prototypes to reduce lead times and deploying A/B testing tools to refine products before market launch. In this session, we’ll hear from product and supply chain executives on how they are using nextgen technologies to reduce the risks in product development and improve speed to market.


Roman Kirsch, Founder & CEO, Lesara

Mariam Naficy, Founder & CEO, Minted

Eric Colson, Chief Algorithms Officer, Stitch Fix


Janice Wang, CEO, Alvanon, Inc.