2017 will be a year of monumental shift set to impact fit, retail and industry practices.


Alvanon is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with BodiData Inc., a Silicon Valley-based technology company that specializes in generating big data on three-dimension body measurements. The addition of the BodiData data makes Alvanon’s the largest US body shape database in the world.


The Insider: Sizing Up America, delves into the world’s largest database of U.S. body measurements and brings new insights to the changing shape and size of the US consumer population.



Special highlights:


  • Where Are My Customers? And What Do They Really Look Like?
  • Maximizing Your Market Potential. Key Opportunity Checklist.
  • Plus-Size & Big Men: A Big Deal.
  • How To Grow Without Losing What Makes You Great.


The new changing shape of America dictates new rules. Our experts present the latest on One Million new scans collected from around North America.

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