We help our clients, big or small, identify their areas of potential improvement and map out solutions that address their specific challenges and business objectives. While some luxury and global brands require customized strategies, many apparel companies share common organizational and product development challenges that our seasoned experts see and solve on a regular basis.


Our team of strategists, analysts and technical experts equip top retailers, brands, designers and manufacturers with the knowledge, skills, advice and training necessary for them to achieve their business objectives.

Data Gathering & Analytics

Our expert retail data analytics team collects and analyzes 3D body scanning data to inform and drive change in apparel product development practices and processes.

Dress Forms

AlvaForm dress forms and virtual avatars enable retailers to ensure accurate and consistent product execution anywhere in the world.


Garment designs are fitted on the Virtual AlvaForms, manipulated and edited in 3D design environments, and shared across the supply chain as initial prototypes before developing actual physical samples.


Our apparel consulting services specialize in the product development process, speed to market, sizing and fit strategy, technical design, supply chain product execution, and professional development training.

Sizing & Fit Solutions

Alvanon’s apparel sizing and fit solutions provide a comprehensive approach to increasing internal and external efficiency and speeding time to market.

Product Development

Alvanon helps retailers revamp internal apparel product development processes to improve product quality, increase speed to market and optimize cost-efficiency.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our global implementation teams provide vendor and factory training that quickly improves speed, accuracy and product integrity.

Industry Training

Alvanon’s professional development program features unique apparel industry courses that help align business goals and optimize communication and efficiencies.

Professional Development

Education is a key factor to any organization’s future success. Elevate your team with professional development.

Online Courses

MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills & industry experience they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers.