Product Development

The traditional apparel product development process is quickly becoming a liability in today’s world of consumer empowerment and choice. Retailers are finding that customers gravitate towards stores, sites and apps that frequently launch new, fresh, “of the moment” products.Speed to market has become one of the top priorities for nearly every apparel brand and retail organization. Alvanon’s expert management consultants help retailers and brands revamp internal apparel product development processes to establish solutions that improve product quality, increase speed to market and optimize cost-efficiency.

Alvanon Clients to date have:

Reduced seasonal apparel product development calendars by up to 8 weeks

Seasonal Calendar  Reduced seasonal apparel product development calendars by up to 8 weeks

Reduced the number of physical samples by 30%

Physical Samples  Reduced the number of physical samples by 30%

Reduced live fit model sessions to as few as 1

Live Sessions  Reduced live fit model sessions to as few as 1

Market Expansion & Specialty Product Strategies
Market Expansion & Specialty Product Strategies

Alvanon’s extensive expertise in global consumer analysis can help an organization with its product growth. Whether a brand is looking to sell products to a new target market in a different region or produce a new line of specialty products in Plus or Petite size categories, our global product development solutions can help develop untapped opportunities. We assess a client’s unique challenges, establish a technical apparel product development strategy, and provide key go-to- market strategy considerations that include communications and that market fit for e-commerce success.

New Technology Integration / Practices

Implementing a new technology platform doesn’t come without challenges. Alvanon consultants offer clients 3D design solutions that help pattern makers and designers create virtual designs that can be tweaked down to the smallest details before a physical sample ever touches the floor. With a thorough analysis of a client’s current apparel product development process, Alvanon can recommend the technology that best fits a company’s goal to optimize profitability and achieve their growth objectives.

Fit Assessment

The assessment entails a comprehensive evaluation and assessment designed to quantify how well a brand’s current product, apparel size specifications, and grade rules match the apparel fit requirements of current and target customers in virtually any global market. The assessment identifies key areas of potential sales growth and operational improvements, based on apparel fit. The Alvanon fit process assessment includes a detailed review of an organization’s business processes, procedures, and structure as they relate to apparel fit. This information maps the brand’s current processes and compares them to applicable global industry best practices. The objectives are to reduce product development timeliness and cost structure, and enable more consistent and efficient execution of a brands’ corporate apparel fit standard.