Sizing & Fit Solutions

Apparel sizing and fit impact every part of the apparel lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, to the shop floor. Since its inception, Alvanon has been devoted to assisting the apparel industry’s product development process by leveraging its proprietary technology with its scientific understanding and expertise of apparel sizing and apparel fit. Alvanon offers a unique 360-degree approach, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies formulated through expert business practices, to assist its clients’ custom needs in the following areas:

Target market's apparel fit criteria

Define  Target market's apparel fit criteria

Create an apparel fit standard for the supply chain

Create  an apparel fit standard for the supply chain

Implement the apparel sizing standard efficiently and effectively

Implement  the apparel sizing standard efficiently and effectively

Our apparel fit solutions provide a comprehensive approach to solving the misperceptions in apparel fit by facilitating every stage of the process, increasing internal and external efficiency and decreasing overall speed to market. Our team of apparel fit and product development consultants offer strategic and practical ‘real world’ solutions to solving issues with apparel fit and sizing among top retailers, brands, designers and apparel manufacturers around the world.

Alvanon’s Core Apparel Sizing
and Fit Solutions

Fit Standard Validation

During the fit standard validation step, Alvanon reviews the brand’s corporate apparel fit standard, including size chart, range, core size, fit model, fit form, key grade intervals and alpha-numeric size correlations in the context of the brand’s target customer demographic and the competitive market landscape.

Body Shape Analysis
Body Shape Analysis

During the body shape analysis, we review the client’s current target customer demographic compared to the appropriate Alvanon database and present the total customer distribution over the range of body shapes. Alvanon provides strategic recommendations on fitting and marketing to the brand’s key primary and secondary shapes for their target population.

Core Body Development
Core Body Development

Develop ideal fit form specifications, including detailed measurements, posture and shape characteristics, to optimize fit for the brand’s target customer demographic.

- Create a custom measurement and shape profile for key points-of-measure for your core size body
- Create 3-D virtual body screenshots highlighting key posture and shape characteristics
- Follow-up consultation as required through fit form development process

Garment Grade Validation/Body Growth Analysis
Garment Grade Validation/Body Growth Analysis

First, we review and validate existing product grade rule guidelines for tops and bottoms based on detailed analysis of how bodies change over the full size range in a brand’s target demographic. Then, we develop body growth charts of body measurements at each size and optimize garment grade rules to improve apparel fit at every size, while maintaining design intent.

Garment Block Audit

In our block assessment, we conduct on-site evaluations of inventory and review, assess and provide feedback on current existing blocks for each category. Our apparel product development recommendations include the optimum Block Library structure and content, including best practices for assessing seasonal block requirements and for implementing a successful block program.