Supply Chain Optimization

Getting the right fashion products to the right sales channels can be a highly complex process, especially in today’s world where the consumer has taken control of the buying experience. Consumers have evolved faster than we have, employing technology such as smart phones to control the ways in which they shop, and leaving conventional retailers wondering how to compete and retain their customers’ attention in an increasingly tech-driven world.Many of the traditional retail business models and apparel supply chains are broken. We take far too long to design and develop product, too long to source it and too long to ship it back to factories, distribution centers and stores. Supply chain optimization involves streamlining the way that apparel retailers and brands manage the design/production process and share information across different groups, from design to product development, sourcing and production. Companies must focus on saving time at every step of the apparel supply chain in order to remain competitive.

Building a Sustainable "Consumer-Centric" Apparel Supply Chain

Currently, excitement appears to be lacking in the way that apparel retailers and brands are engaging customers. Because it takes 18 months to develop a season and bring it to market, fashion can become stale and far from what consumers are seeking. To take advantage of apparel supply chain opportunities, retailers and brands need to get more control, not just for speed purposes, but also for compliance, transparency and sustainability issues.As a start, we need to focus on shortening the distance from concept to consumer, without compromising quality. We need faster design and development cycles with more accurate production, streamlined logistics and smarter decision-making.

Apparel Supply Chain Alignment

Alvanon’s Apparel Process Assessment is a detailed review of an apparel retailers or brands business practices, procedures, and supply chain organizational structure. We assess these in the context of their growth and profitability objectives, as they relate to the:

- Design/creative/merchandising process
- Product Development process
- Production, sourcing and apparel supply chain processes
- Marketing, e-commerce and customer engagement processes

This comprehensive assessment across the organization and its apparel supply chain is a preliminary step to identifying the key areas of supply chain optimization and building a strategic development roadmap.

Vendor and factory training to improve speed, accuracy, product integrity
Vendor and Factory Training

As a critical counterpart to a well aligned apparel supply chain process, Alvanon develops partnership strategies between our clients and their suppliers through training and development practices. Alvanon’s Professional Development Series updates your technical and creative professionals’ skills sets in product development and sourcing processes. We offer global best practices and current market perspectives based on our extensive work around the world. We explain the key concepts, components, tools and processes needed to improve efficiency and speed to market, along with accuracy and consistency in product fit and supply chain optimization. There are ample opportunities for apparel supply chain training and professional development. Alvanon will develop a custom training coursework that will enable your internal teams and external partners to refine their skills and enhance their knowledge of the apparel supply chain.