BoF Voices 2017

sydney schroen
Jun 21, 2017

Date: November 29th – December 2nd 2017

Location: Oxfordshire, UK

The Business of Fashion presents​ ​VOICES, ​an invitation-only gathering bringing together the movers, shakers and trailblazers of the fashion industry with big thinkers, entrepreneurs and other inspiring thought leaders shaping the wider world.

VOICES is the place where the global fashion community comes together to exchange ideas and opinions on the most important topics facing fashion today.

Throughout the year, BoF presented a number of local VOICES events around the world, culminating in our annual global VOICES gathering in December for the big thinkers, entrepreneurs and inspiring people who are shaping the wider world.

The VOICES platform also hosts discussions across a wide range of issues facing the industry, from sustainability and the human cost of fashion’s supply chains to untapped business opportunities in technology, Africa and the plus-size market. Explore our discussions below.

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Featured Attendee:

Janice Wang

Janice Wang – CEO, Alvanon

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