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Data Gathering
and Analytics


Our expert research and analytics team captures, collates and analyzes complex consumer data to inform and drive change in strategic practices and processes. Statistical analysis of consumer demographics, behavior and body shape characteristics delivers insight into how, where and when changes in product planning, design or merchandising will optimize sales and profitability.

Scan Studies


The AlvaScan is based on the latest millimetre radio wave technology and is the only scanner that collects accurate measurements from a person who is fully clothed.  The scanner uses safe, low power radio waves to detect moisture on the surface of the skin.

In the 15 seconds it takes to complete each scan, the AlvaScan collects some 200,000 data points on the consumer’s body and instantly converts them into around 100 body measurements, posture and shape characteristics. This information is then used by retailers for marketing promotions and/or apparel analysis.


AlvaScan tours have been successfully deployed with the following retail partners:

  • 2007/8 Levi’s Strauss and Co in nine cities in China
  • 2009 Pacific Brands for Cathay Pacific
  • 2009 S. Oliver in four cities in Germany
  • 2012 Target Australia in five cities in Australia
  • 2012 Marks & Spencer in five cities in the UK
  • 2014 Woolworths in 7 cities in South Africa
  • 2014 Reebok for Crossfit

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