Why Alvanon?

We provide practical and proven real-world advice, skills and tools that enable our clients to:



internal teams and supply chain partners to increase efficiencies and accelerate speed to market



consumers to increase sales and reduce returns



optimize profitability and drive growth in new local and global markets

The key objectives for any apparel brand and retailer is to optimize profitability and growth by attracting and retaining more customers, increasinge full price sell-through and lower reducing return rates.

Alvanon has helped previous clients:
Improve conversion rates by up to
Increase full price sell- through by up to
Decrease apparel returns by up to

How do we help? Every one of our clients faces challenges, from the strategic business level through to the day-to-day operational level. We help our clients, big or small, identify their areas of potential improvement and map out solutions that address their specific challenges and business objectives. While some luxury and global brands require customized strategies, many apparel companies share common organizational and product development challenges that our seasoned experts see and solve on a regular basis.

The industry average time to develop apparel product from initial design to in-store is
twelve months

Our clients reduce seasonal product development calendars by up to

8 weeks

Our clients reduce the number of physical samples reviewed by over



The average number of physical samples produced per style is 5


The average number of fit sessions with ‘live’ fit models is 4

Our clients reduce ‘live’ fit model sessions to as few as

Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in tech pack contents and subsequent communication, relating to pattern blocks and grade rules specifically, generate costly, time-sapping mistakes at the production stage


Inconsistencies in tech pack contents relating to pattern blocks and grading rules generate costly inconsistencies at the production stage

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