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Alvanon was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kenneth Wang, a successful manufacturer of children’s clothing and world renowned expert in the apparel industry. Using his medical understanding of human anatomy, Dr. Wang recognized that the anatomies of mannequins available on the market were incorrect.


Alvanon started with a tiny office in New York and a two room mannequin prototype line at Dr. Wang’s apparel manufacturing facility in China. From the start, the company has applied science to help the apparel industry increase efficiencies within its product development processes.Alvanon quickly demonstrated that poor fit was common and was costing the global apparel industry billions of dollars in returns, markdowns, alterations and exchanges. These problems stemmed from a reliance on body measurement data compiled as far back as World War II, when the hourglass figure was the most common body type among women. Scientific analysis conducted by Alvanon clearly indicated that women’s figures had changed since the middle of the last century.

The industry was stuck in a time warp, using as its standard a body shape that represents less than 10 percent of women today.

The company’s mission quickly became clear – to help retailers, brands and manufacturers move away from outdated measurements and perceptions of body shape and utilize the latest research to develop better fitting apparel.

Today Alvanon is a successful multi-national company with a multi-million dollar turnover. Our robust scientific approach supported by practical tools have positioned us as the apparel industry’s leading sizing and fit expert. We are the world’s largest producer of fit mannequins, with well known clients ranging from independent designers to specialty stores, from luxury to mass market, and everyone in between.

Alvanon Timeline

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Dr. Kenneth Wang, Founder, Alvanon

Dr Kenneth K.K. Wang MBC MBBS

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  • Alvanon is founded in New York City by Dr. Kenneth Wang.
  • A small office is opened in Soho and the San Francisco Technology office is created.
  • AlvaChina Manufacturing is established in 2 rooms on the ground floor of Dr. Wang’s apparel manufacturing facility.
  • Janice Wang joins Alvanon as CEO alongside co-founder Jason Wang, COO, and the Hong Kong office is established as an operations hub.
  • Edward Lemack joins Alvanon as Director of Sales.
  • Alvanon New York City Office expands to 10 people.
  • AlvaChina Manufacturing exhausts existing production and moves to 50,000 square feet facility.
  • Alvanon UK, Ltd is established in London as the UK and European sales office.
  • Alvanon partners with North Carolina State University to increase awareness of the current fit and sizing issues.
  • Analysis yields that only 8 percent of US women are hourglass shaped.
  • Ed Gribbin joins Alvanon as Director of Strategic Services.
  • Alvanon acquires exclusive license for use of the Intellifit database, the largest database of scanned bodies in the world.
  • The AlvaInsight division is established for analysis of the scanned body database.
  • The same year AlvaBlock Division is established to enhance development of basic blocks on AlvaForms and AlvaTraining Division is established for global training of vendors.
  • Alvanon Germany office is established.
  • The AlvaInsight division expands to provide strategic services for clients.
  • AlvaScan Division is launched with the purchase and deployment of 2 Intellifit scanners.
  • AlvaScan China project collects over 30,000 Chinese consumer scans from 6 cities in China.
  • Alvanon publishes findings from the data.
  • Alvanon partners with IFTH to release French standard sized mannequins and expands representation in France.
  • Barneys adds UMAN Collection, and Alvanon launches the new EU Standard AlvaForm Mannequins.
  • New children’s European standard AlvaForms launched.
  • Alvanon launches ASTM Womens Mannequins.
  • Ed Gribbin appointed to President of Alvanon Inc.
  • Alvanon launches Global Academic Program, to put professional fit and sizing tools in hands of students.
  • Alvanon launches European Standard AlvaForms for men and women, in which increases fit match by over 57 percent.
  • Alvanon expands into Japan with exclusive distribution deal with Kiiya.
  • Alvanon launches Global Mentor-ship Program, the first signing Saloni Lodha.