Fashion retailers Splash and Iconic have launched their first ‘fit’ accredited ranges following what is thought to be the first ever garment sizing, fit and development project carried out in the Middle East.

The project was commissioned by ‘Splash’, the Middle East’s largest fashion retailer, in conjunction with its sister label ‘Iconic’, both owned by the Landmark Group, one of the biggest retail conglomerates in the Middle East, India and Africa.


Over the course of the two-year project, apparel fit specialist Alvanon conducted an empirical size survey with thousands of Splash and Iconic customers in six major retail outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh and Qatar. As a result of the survey, the Splash and Iconic fashion labels have both launched their first ranges based on new core body standards for their men’s and women’s apparel.


To identify and quantify the different body shapes of men and women found in the Splash and Iconic labels’ target consumers, Alvanon validated the survey data against official and publicly available medical and health data from such sources as the World Health Organisation.


It then developed and supplied the technical fit mannequins, AlvaForms and pattern templates, AlvaBlocks, to ensure the new core body standards were accurately and consistently implemented and shared across the Landmark Group’s 300 manufacturing suppliers in locations including China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia.


With Splash alone retailing up to 7,000 styles per season, equating to millions of garments per year, Rohit Nanda, chief operating officer at Iconic, described the project as “a major undertaking.”

“By understanding the size and shape of their customers they are able to design clothes specifically for those consumers thereby significantly enhancing fit satisfaction while increasing customer loyalty and retail conversion rates,” added Ed Gribbin, president of Alvanon, who headed the survey.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Just Style